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Rose & Sandalwood Goddess Glow Mask

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Rosehip, Sandalwood, & Matcha Green Tea have long been renowned for their abilities to improve the the appearance of scarring, enlarged pores, and redness.

We combine these three power house ingredients with Vitamin C, and Indian Detox clay to create a mask that not only heals and hydrates your skin, but also gently exfoliates to give you soft, supple, glowing skin!

Results seen after 1 use, with best results after 3 treatments.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Bentonite Detox Healing Clay, Red Sandalwood, Rosehips*, Matcha Green Tea*, Vitamin C *Organic 

Sandalwood has been used since ancient times to improve the complexion and provide a natural glow, while gently exfoliating the skin.

Rosehips are renowned for their high concentration of antioxidants, helping to fight free radicals and everyday pollutants. Contributing to a brighter happier glow. 

Organic Matcha Green Tea High amounts of antioxidants also make this ingredient great for hydrating the skin.

Bentonite Clay tones and tightens pores, while high concentrations of minerals and vitamins help speed up recovery from the aftermath of breakouts.

Vitamin C in it's most potent form, L Ascorbic Acid, brightens, fights free radicals, and improves recovery time to calm the appearance of redness and fade the appearance of scarring. 

Directions for Rose & Sandalwood Mask Powder:

Mix 1/2 tsp Rose & Sandalwood Ancient Healing Mask with 1 tsp water, apple cider vinegar or green tea. Apply to clean, dry face and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Gently wash off with warm water, using circular motions. For maximum glow follow with Veíse Dream Serum & Clarifying Oil or Ultra Hydrating Oil 

All Veíse products are made with the highest grade ingredients available because we believe, "When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can conquer anything." 

100% Natural.
Free of Artificial Colors or Preservatives
Free of Artificial Fragrances 
Free of SLS
Free of Parabens
Free of Alcohol 
Free of Coconut or Coconut Bi-Products



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