Rose Revitalizing Day Cream - Béni

Rose Revitalizing Day Cream

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Product Type - Face Cream
Weight - 2.0 oz,

Great for any skin type that needs more glow and life. Very soothing, hydrating, strengthening and stimulating to the skin cells & encourages regeneration of healthy skin cells.

Cucumber cooling, soothing and hydrating. Tones, strengthen, repairs, stimulates the skin cells to encourage regeneration of healthy skin cells and defends skin cells from free-radical damage.

Rose Hydrosol anti-aging - Great for any irritation and helps with inflammation.

Castor Oil - Heals the skin

Frankincense Oil - Helps reduce dark spots, scars, blemish's, and with the appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles. Lifts and tightens skin, and slows signs of aging.

Green Tea extract - Powerful antioxidant, lightens the skin and is an anti-inflammatory.



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