FRESH FACE Antioxidant Foundation - 6 Shades

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Product Type - Foundation
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Powerful vitamin & antioxidant foundation not only gives you the coverage you want but is actually good for you. This formula features soothing organic aloe, and the anti-inflamitory properties of organic Blue Green Algae and organic Rooibos Leaf - all while being naturally preserved. No toxic chemicals here. Our foundation is nothing but love for your skin.

N: Neutral Undertones
W: Warm Undertones
C: Cool Undertones



-Coverage: Medium 
-Moisturizes, evens and smooths skin 
-Natural finish 
-Silicone Free 
-Paraben Free 
-Cruelty Free 
-Sizes: Full Size Bottle - 30ml / Sample Packet 2 ml 
-Shake well before use




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