Beeswax & Soy Pillar Candles

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Based on the continuing success of our Organic Olive Oil Soaps, we decided to match the essential oil profiles in a new line of candles. These beeswax & soy pillar candles are gorgeous, long-lasting, and all natural. These artisanal candles reflect the character & craftsmanship of Northern California and contain waxes, pure essentials oils, and other plant materials to add color naturally.   12 oz, approx 3" tall x 3" diameter.

    • Grapefruit Lemongrass: Invigorating citrus blend
    • Lavender: Relaxing, calming; with lavender flowers 
    • Juniper Spruce: These conifer oils smell exactly like a Northern California forest; we've added green tea for color
    • Clove Geranium: Our most popular scent - it's soothing, deodorizing, and smells amazing; bamboo charcoal makes one stand out!
    • Cedar Tangerine: The clean smell of a Japanese bath; we've added pink clay for an amazing appearance
    • Honey w/Rose Petals: Honey is Nature's all-over balm, a natural emollient, great complement to the beeswax; rose petals are delightful, but note that this one is mostly fragrance free (now 50% off!)
  • organic beeswax, which burns cleanly and purifies the air
  • no paraffin or petroleum byproduct
  • all essential oils, herbs and spices; no synthetic fragrance or artificial color added
  INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, glycine max (soybean) wax and oil, essential oils; may contain other plant materials.


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