B3, B5+ Peptides Hydra Gel

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Product Type - Collagen Gel
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Oil-free anti-wrinkle serum.

Designed with FUSION FORMULA® featuring Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and high concentration of Vitamin B3, B5 to restoring skin’s optimal moisture balance, repair and regenerate epidermal cells. This oil-free gel is a muscle-inhibiting and collagen-building solution that uses innovative peptide technology to help reduce wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance in anti-aging serum. It contains a multitude of 6 peptides to supply the skin essential amino acids to maximize anti-aging properties and help achieve wrinkle reduction by inhibiting muscle contraction and signaling the proliferation of collagen synthesis. Botanical reduce inflammation by providing soothing, calming properties. In addition, Vitamin B3 providing UV protection against free radicals and enhances antioxidant delivery, improves smoothness, suppleness, firmness, and texture of the skin.


  • 6 peptides clinically proven to provide powerful anti-aging properties
  • Helps repair and regenerate skin cells
  • Helps promote stronger cellular matrix
  • Boosts performance of antioxidants
  • Promotes wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ideal for all skin

Free from: Cruelty, Parabens, Oils, Synthetic Fragrances, Gluten Formulas and Vegan Friendly



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