We empower individual beauty and make a positive difference in everyone's lives while we enlighten the power of clean beauty.

About Us

As awareness and demand for clean beauty continues to grow, you ask for more volume and selection of natural beauty products that are ingredient transparency, cruelty-free, sustainable, and more personalization. This has led to a growing interest in and demand for products made by independent brands touting such “clean” qualities and unique properties beneficial for various skin concerns. They are thriving and influencing Clean beauty. 

However, with a countless amount of natural beauty products, the hunt for the perfect beauty can be stressful. That's when Béni step in.

Béni is a socially driven marketplace with a dedicated clean beauty community where you can get personalized product recommendation directly from indie clean beauty brands so you are guided to make smarter and healthier beauty choices. 

Béni bridges the gap between independent clean beauty brands and consumers to transform the way people find safe, effective, cruelty-free, and environmentally responsible beauty products.

Our Story

I am a former accountant and a mother.  I had my own frustrating experience looking for clean products while addressing my unique skin needs.

When I first learned about one of the indie beauty brands, I was astonished by the founder’s story about her creation and how it came to life.  Clean beauty brand has its own philosophy that infused into the product, having specific ingredients for efficacy, embracing the natural beauty lifestyle. Sharing the power of clean beauty became my passion. I wanted to create a community where consumers are not only connecting with influencers, but also interacting directly with beauty brands digitally. It makes everyone's beauty shopping more personalized and meaningful.

“Béni” is a traditional Geisha’s lipstick. It is very precious and a luxurious shade of red derived from camellia flower. With the camellia petals, we expressed our passion to create circles and connections with the beauty community.


Naomi Saito




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